Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

From Rock to Road

Charting a New Course

Armada Materials is a rapidly growing producer of aggregates, asphalt, and other essential construction materials and services. With a platform of well-positioned locations, we serve a wide range of private and public customers including state agencies tasked with maintaining America’s highway network.

Tons of high-quality aggregates reserves under ownership
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Armada was formed by industry veterans to grow through strategic acquisitions of companies supplying essential infrastructure materials. We focus on areas of the U.S. with growing demand for these products and services

About Us


Acquirer of Choice

We partner with acquired companies to help them grow in their local market, while preserving their identity and legacy. We share many of the same values of the companies we acquire – integrity, quality, safety, and service to others. Our family of companies grow together by sharing ideas and resources, making each other better


  • Aggregates

    We mine and process crushed stone, sand, and gravel for many construction applications including:

    • Road Base
    • Concrete Aggregates
    • Asphalt Aggregates
    • Pipe & Utility Stone
    • Rip Rap for Erosion Control
  • road_striping Asphalt, Paving, Milling & Road Striping

    We produce asphalt for paving streets, highways, and parking lots. Our services include:

    • Asphalt Mix
    • Stone Base
    • Milling
    • Barrier Wall
    • Road Striping
  • aggregate Aggregates-Integrated Concrete

    We produce and deliver ready-mix concrete for a number of applications including:

    • Commercial Construction
    • Warehouses
    • Industrial Construction
    • Residential Building
    • Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalks